"Generation Lazy" Photo by Alison Stock



Rachel Weekley's varied theatrical performance career extends from outdoor Shakespeare with companies such as Occupy Verona, to more modern works such as "Silent Sky" with Bristol Valley Theatre in Naples, NY to devised works with Honest Accomplice Theatre's "Engineers Not Found".  

They are also an acting company member of NY Madness and Vulcan Theatre Company.


"Brikelak is a short film about two lovers, Riley and Annabelle, in a post-apocalyptic world. When Riley loses Annabelle to an alien who takes over Annabelle's body, Riley tries to befriend the alien and recover some of the connection she had with Annabelle."

Written by Lindsay Carpenter and Directed by Daniel A Gomez. You can watch it Here.


Rachel Weekley originally earned their BFA in Performance from Ohio University's School of Theater, and then went on to train and perform with The American Mime Theater. 
They have also had the incredible opportunity to study with such incredible talents as Avner "The Eccentric", Hilary Chaplain, and Drew Richardson.

They believe that training and discovery are never truly finished. That to truly explore the depths of our ability to express and to tell stories we must be perpetually training and seeking out new styles to enrich our understanding.

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