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Rachel Weekley is a Non-Binary Actor, Clown, and Movement Director based in NYC.

Their work pulls from such traditions as red nose clowning, mask work and Mime, along with many others.

Marrying movement to heightened text in the realm of existential comedy, Their work seeks to explore the joys and freedoms of how we connect and how we fail. 

Picturing what a future after failure might look like and asking 

"What is the role of a Fool in a world Falling apart?" 


After earning their BFA in Performance from Ohio University, 

They went on to train with The American Mime Theatre 

And had the incredible opportunities to study with such talents as Avner "The Eccentric", Hilary ChaplainDrew Richardson

and Naoko Maeshiba

As well as producing and performing their own work,

 They are also a hospital clown with Healthy Humor.

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