Rachel Weekley's directing style is deeply founded on group dynamics and devising. 

Working with the cast to craft a general frame work that tells the story of the piece. From that frame work Weekley guides the cast through techniques from Neutral Mask Work and Viewpoints and even Martial Arts to explore and develop the physical life of the piece and the characters. 

Weekley believes that play and joy are some of our greatest tools to delving into our deepest most grounded movement styles. Connecting the breath, the body, the text and each other to create truly engaging group work.  

"Macbeth" photo by Will Cecil

Rachel Weekley began movement directing in the summer of 2019 with Step1 Theatre Project's production of "Mahogany Brown and the Case of the Disappearing Kid" which would be later be remounted for the NYC Frigid Fest. 

They then went on to movement direct for Vulcan Theatre Company's production of Macbeth in March 2020. 

"Mahogany Brown..." photo by Alison Stock
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