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Original Work

"...creating an aura of playfulness tinged with Beckettian melancholy. Pocket Curiosities leaves us curious as to what Weekley as a playwright still has in their pockets." 

-John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards


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King of Nothing, A one person one puppet adaptation of King Lear. Follows the Fool at the end of the world, with the only resources they have left: Garbage and an Audience who might not even be there.

King of Nothing

Past Shows


Pocket Curiosities at Queerly Fest: A Pirate who's definitely not a pirate fights for their life and identity. Hands Tell a Story about dreams and grief  

Also Staring Tyler Riley and Anna Stacy 

Directed by Zeynep Akca and Nazlah Black

Two Households at the Shakesolo Fest, a solo Romeo and Juliet, a coming out story, and a discovery of self love.

Directed by Zeynep Akca
Original Music by RJ Christian 

Previously Seen On: 



Filmed during the pandemic and into the present Weekley began to create short clown films exploring Memory, Heartbreak, Joy and, what happens when you can't get your pants off

Short Films

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