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Original Work


"...creating an aura of playfulness tinged with Beckettian melancholy. Pocket Curiosities leaves us curious as to what Weekley as a playwright still has in their pockets." 

-John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards

In the fall of 2018, Rachel Weekley began producing their own solo work with 

Hearts on the Wall at Dixon Place with a piece called "Strings". 

Since then they have developed virtual pieces with

No Dominion Theatre

 and We Are Trans.

Most recently They presented two short pieces as Pocket Curiosities at Frigid's Queerly Fest:

"Definitely Not a Pirate Show" directed by Nazlah Black 

And "Novae" directed by Zeynep Akca, 

devised by Weekley, Tyler Riley and Anna Stacy 

"King of Nothing" 

Was also presented over the summer at The Tank's 

Dark/Trash Fest. 

Directed by Robert Malbrough 


Find more on their YouTube Page .  


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