Solo Work

In the fall of 2018, Rachel Weekley began producing their own solo work with 

Hearts on the Wall at Dixon Place with a piece called "Strings" . 

Since then they have been developing their own solo and virtual pieces with No Dominion Theatre and We Are Trans.

Their work pulls from such traditions as red nose clowning, mask work and mime along with many others.  Marrying movement to heightened text in the realm of existential comedy, Their work seeks to explore the joys and freedoms of failure and connection.  

Often asking:

"What is the role of a fool in a world falling apart?"

Photo by Cindy Trinh

Short Film

"The Garden" is a short film project inspired by the need to often work through heartbreaks.  

So often Tragedy is an ending, the inevitable conclusion, but how we work from it, find joy amongst it, is an entirely different journey. 

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